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Our latest show

17 February 2014

Our most recent show “Around the World in 80 Days” proved to be a fantastic success for everyone involved.

Our Family Fogg set off around the world after a very wet summer in England. Leaving on a ship followed by ducks as they start their travels.

First stop Holland

Little Dutch Girls


Performed at the Pentland Theatre we put on 4 performances over 2 days. Some of our older dancers danced in all 4 shows showing splendid stamina and enjoying the whole thing immensely. Here is a picture of Africa which the dancers loved performing.


Everyone from our youngest ducklings up to older pointe work students danced with commitment and passion. A few tears  were shed when it was all over, with dancers saying that they “wanted to do it all over again and that they didn’t want the experience to stop”.

Sizzling Tango Argentina


We felt proud of all the dancers as we watched from the wings. Our older dancers performed with such style and finesse. Well done!

Thank you for the amazing support from all our helper mums. and particularly from Katherine Lawson who organised all our helpers. The days went so well with all the mums caring for the children and making sure that each child got to the stage at the correct time. We even had wonderful projection on the back drop which a talented mum Natasha King painted. Fabulous costumes by Jo Shepherd. Thank you again for the dancing, help, organisation, artistic input choreography and beautiful costumes.

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